Women’s Gym Clothing

Our women’s gym clothing collection is just what you need to help you work hard, look good and more importantly, feel great. An excellent range of high quality items that extend from V-Front Leggings and Strappy Sports Bras, to T-shirts and a variety of Hoodies.
With a substantial combination of colours and sizes across the board, there really are styles, choices, mixes and matches for absolutely everyone, whether an experienced gym goer or are just starting out. Combining style with function, this gym wear is both the perfect choice for boosting your workout or for relaxing in and taking it easy.
Comfort and durability are the key qualities with this clothing range. Feeling supported, yet flexible and lightweight, but hard wearing, this women’s collection ticks all the right boxes. When you find your favourite pieces, keep things fresh by investing in more colours to create your own ultimate UltraFlex collection.